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The Leading Edge – Week of April 21, 2013

April 21, 2014



The Leading Edge is our weekly look-over-our-shoulder at what we’re reading around this Internet thing.  Want to participate?  Send us what you’re reading by tweeting it to us – @CBMWEdge.  You should follow us too.  Go ahead.  We’ll wait.  Done?  Good, now onto the Edge.

How the President Evolved – This is the New York Times’ long look into how the President went from a candidate who twice campaigned on traditional marriage to the first President to call for its redefinition.

First Reversed Genitals Discovered – You know you want to click on this just because of the headline, right?  It’s ok.  The article is talking about a bunch of newly discovered insets in a cave Brazil.  Be sure that this will find its way into the cultural discussion we are having as to whether one is born with an assigned gender or whether the same is an orientation of one’s own choosing.

Moral Majority No More – Owen Strachen, the top dog here at CBMW, has a must-read, must share essay published at  For readers of CBMWEdge, it’s right up our ally.  Read it.  Read it again.  Then share it across your social network. Twice.

India’s Top Court Recognizes Third Gender – Nope, not an article on insects in a cave in India.  The court really did and you really will have to respond to this at some point in your life.

Saved from Hate – This is really interesting.  The son of Fred Phelps – of Westboro Baptist infamy – answers Ed Stetzer’s questions (which are probably the same ones you would have asked if you bumped into him at Starbuks one day.

God and the Gay Christian – A long and needed book review of a book of the same title.  Here’s the teaser:

Imagine a book with a thesis that calls into question 2,000 years of established Christian theology and biblical exegesis. It recasts basic principles of biblical anthropology and human embodiment. It also puts two millennia of faithful obedience to divine revelation on the side of injustice and ignorance. Now, Christians are accustomed to either non-Christians or liberal Christians making claims of this nature, but not from individuals supposedly nestled confidently within the evangelical camp.

This week a book making such claims is hitting bookshelves written by a young author named Matthew Vines.

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