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Good Friday Reflections

April 18, 2014

Editor’s Note: In an attempt to prepare our hearts to worship the risen Christ this coming Easter Sunday, we leave you with a few quotes from John Stott’s, The Cross of Christ.

There is then, it is safe to say, no Christianity without the cross. If the cross is not central to our religion, ours is not the religion of Jesus (71).

God’s love must be wonderful beyond comprehension. God could quite justly have abandoned us to our fate. He could have left us alone to reap the fruit of our wrongdoing and to perish in our sins. It is what we deserved. But he did not. Because he loved us, he came after us in Christ. He pursued us even to the desolate anguish of the cross, where he bore our sin, guilt, judgment, and death. It takes a hard and stony heart to remain unmoved by love like that. It is more than love. Its proper name is “grace,” which is love to the undeserving (85).

For our sake God actually made the sinless Christ to be sin with our sins. The God who refused to reckon our sins to us reckoned them to Christ instead. Indeed, his personal sinlessness uniquely qualified him to bear our sin in our place (197).

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