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The Leading Edge – Week of April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014


The Leading Edge is a weekly look at what we’re reading, what we think you should read, and articles of interest on marriage, gender, and the policy, politics, and culture that surrounds them. Have an article you think we should read? Tweet it to us at @CBMWEdge.

Marriage, Reason and Religious Liberty – The latest from Ryan Anderson. 

Amy Spiegel on Hatmaker – Over at Wisdom and Folly, my friend Amy Spiegel makes an interesting observation: “It isn’t Hatmaker’s position on gay marriage that disappoints me since her position is unclear. (She has clarified her position in her latest post if you care to know.) What I find so disturbing is her dangerous mischaracterization of the nature of biblical truth and our ability to discern that truth, all in the name of peacemaking.”

The Real “Divergents” – Turns out the real countercultural millenials are not those that suggest the definition of marriage is fungible, but those who hold to an Orthodox understanding thereof.  While this article has a hefty (and right) focus on young Catholics who are defending marriage, I would suggest that young evangelicals are close behind – if not beside – those arguing in defense of marriage in culture and public policy.  That should be obvious from this blog, right? 

Andrew Sullivan: “The Hounding of a Heretic” – When Andrew Sullivan recognizes a problem, we have a real problem. 

World Vision Board Member Resigns – Had you forgotten all that happened with World Vision since the Firefox story broke?  Here’s a reminder.  A Google exec who sat on World Vision’s board has resigned following the kerfuffle at World Vision.

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