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The Leading Edge – March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014


Can the AP Be Trusted to Cover the Abortion Issue Fairly? – Mollie Hemingway provides a very insightful look into what some might call media bias.  Far from a wild-eyed look at the “leftwing media,” Mollie let’s the facts speak for themselves.

Yo, Millenials – Staying at The Federalist, Hadley Heath takes a look at the problem with delaying marriage until the young are financially stable enough to afford it.  Can you imagine your grandmother putting off marriage for such a reason?

WWJD to Down Syndrome Babies? – One Democratic lawmaker – who professes to be a Catholic, pro-life politician – reasons, Jesus would have aborted them.

Jessa’s Courtship – Interesting article about Jessa Duggar’s announced courtship.  Neither I, nor CBMW are endorsing the method of dating, but it’s an article worth considering in this hook up, sex-without-consequences-or-commitment world in which we live.

CPAC and the Generational Divide – An interesting look at the younger generation’s view of conservatism and how it might just change a lot of what we now know as conservative politics.

Cross Purposes – Ramesh Ponnuru provides six take aways from the most recent cultural skirmish over religious liberty.


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