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One Beautiful, Scandalous Night

March 4, 2014

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Ruth is one of two books in the Old Testament that is named after a woman who also functions as the main character in the story (Esther is the other one). It therefore comes as no surprise that the interpretation of Ruth is hotly contested—particularly on matters related to gender and sexuality. So what do we make of Ruth and her seemingly inappropriate midnight rendezvous with Boaz? Also, why is the story of Ruth even in Scripture? What is its redemptive historical import?

David Schrock’s recently published sermon, One Beautiful, Scandalous Night: How God Brings Redemption Through A Foolish Plan, A Faithful Woman, and A Righteous Man (Ruth 3:1–18), takes up these issues and seeks to answer these questions at both the textual and the biblical-theological level. Schrock explains:

Feminists have regularly co-opted this story to assert their agenda, but upon a closer reading of the passage, we find a beautiful and distinct harmony between a leading man and lovely lady. Indeed, as we pull back from Ruth 3, we quickly discover that the redemptive-historical significance of their union relates to the coming of king David (Ruth 4:17–22) and later to the birth of Jesus Christ him­self (Matt 1:1–17, esp. v. 5).

You can read the rest of Schrock’s sermon by clicking the link above or by viewing the most recent Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

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