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The Leading Edge for the Week of March 3

March 3, 2014


The Leading Edge is a weekly feature of CBMW’s Edge blog, giving you the articles we are reading today and a highlight of why it matters for tomorrow.  And we mean, “we.”  Tweet us the articles you’re reading @CBMWEdge.  Yours may be here next week.

What Should Christians Think of Laws Criminalizing Homosexuality? – Dr. Russell Moore and Andrew Walker answer a tough question that you may even have been asked.  And, if you haven’t, given the geopolitical stack that largely favors such criminalization and a local political culture that suggests you already do, you will.  Be ready to answer.

North Korea Lets One Go – But not after writing an “apology” for this missionary that was arrested in this closed country for carrying Gospel tracts on him.  Pray for our North Korean brothers.

Cecille Richards: My Children Weren’t Alive Before they were Born –  It’s said that someone would attribute the flutters and kicks in a womb to involuntary spasms of muscle tissue and not the active development of human life.  Worse still, this lady heads an organization that you fund through your taxes ($350+ million each year).

A Lesbian Responds to “Jackboot” Tactics in AZ – “Having been a liberal “community organizer” in my past, I immediately recognized the strategy being employed. This is an effort to condition the public into automatically equating faith with bigotry.”

The Terms of Our Surrender – I’m not sure what I think of this article by Ross Douthat.  It’s prescient yet pessimistic and, likely, realistic.  Given the Windsor decision last Summer, the spate of federal courts invalidating various DOMA’s and marriage amendments, and the fall-out from the last two weeks in KS and AZ, not only is marriage likely doomed to an unconditional surrender, so is religious liberty.

What Would Jesus Bake?  – I like reading stuff by Kevin DeYoung.

Since Jesus At With Sinners, do I Have to Eat at the Strip Club?  – Joe Carter drops the mic and walks off stage with this forceful confrontation with logic and political/theological liberalism.

See you next week.  Send us your stories @CBMWEdge.


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