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Arizona Veto, ‘Cakemageddon’, and Religious Liberty Source Page

February 27, 2014


As a continuing service of our coverage of the decision and subsequent firestorm surrounding the Arizona Religious Liberty Bill, Merritt, Powers, and Moore et al., we have compiled a list of articles addressing the situation.  It is important to note that yesterday Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona vetoed Senate Bill 1062.  The links are organized into two sections, the first section framing the debate is from Monday, and the second section  are some recent follow up articles, including coverage of Gov. Brewer’s veto.

Section One

Section Two 

From NY Times: Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill on Refusal of Service to Gays

From LA Times: Governor Brewer Vetoes Controversial Bill

From Al Mohler: Caesar, Coercion and the Christian Conscience  

From the National Review: Live and Let Live

Would Jesus Bake a Cake For and Attend a Homosexual Wedding

From the Gospel Coalition: Since Jesus ate with Sinners do I have to eat at a Strip Club Buffet?

From the Gospel Coalition: Is Sexual Orientation Analogous to Race?

From Voddie Baucham in 2012 Gay is not the New Black

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