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The Leading Edge, Weekly Edition

February 24, 2014


For a brief time, we were trying to highlight important stories that you might want to read.  We tried to give you that on a daily basis, but the reality of our day jobs got in the way most days.  So, let’s try this again.  We’re going to see what if we can maintain a weekly list of articles you may want to have an eye on, whether or not we are able to give extended commentary to them on The Edge.  On the first day of the work week, we’ll post a list of stories and a short paragraph suggesting why you might give the story your attention.

What is more, we’d like your help.  Maybe we missed some articles along the way, or during the week, perhaps you’ve noticed an article that we should look at and include on Monday mornings.  If you do, tweet us the link and a tweetable blurb about the story.  You can follow/tweet us on Twitter at @CBMWedge.

And now, here’s what’s happening now and why it matters for tomorrow:

The Changing Face of Christian Politics – The Atlantic takes a look at the evolving involvement of Christian politics.  While the focus is mainly on the Pope (hardly a true cross-section of Christianity writ large) and there are some dubious points throughout, the article is an important examination of how the world notices how Christians approach socio-political issues.

Gender Wars in the Children’s Restroom –  CBMW headmaster, Owen Strachan, takes the issue of gender into the next frontier.  CBMW has long been known as the go-to Christian organization for how to think Christianly about gender.  That has largely revolved around the concepts of egalitarianism and complimentarity, but, as Strachan points out, today’s debate on gender is taking the discussion to a whole new level.  As followers of Christ, not only must we evaluate Ephesians 5 in light of the marital relationship, we may have to go back to Genesis 2 and evaluate how things like gender identity fit in – if they do.  Plus, clicking on the link is worth it just for the subheadline.

Kristen Powers and Jonathan Merritt and Jim Crow – You’ve probably seen both of those articles by now.  Seems like everyone is talking about them on Twitter.  It is important to read and understand these arguments given what the cultural discussion is today regarding gender – specifically the use of gender in homosexuality.  Abide by a Christian Orthodox understanding of gender and not only are you wrong, but Powers and Merritt conclude that Jesus would reject your Jim Crow efforts.  Thankfully, there’s been a slew of articles in response that help us think carefully through this issue.  Here are a sampling (if we’ve left one off the list that you thought helpful, send it to us to @CBMWedge):

That’s it for this week.  Be sure to tweet us your links to @CBMWedge.

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