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Topic: Womanhood

Writers Share What They Are Reading

January 9, 2014

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By Trillia Newbell

Along with Bible reading plans, many of us will pick up books to read in 2014. I asked a few of our writers to share what they’ll be reading this year. I intentionally asked for books that were not only new releases; but don’t worry, we will share about many of the new and notable books throughout the year as well.

Keri Folmar

Kingdom Through Covenant:  A Biblical-Theological Understanding of the Covenants

by Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum

I audited Peter Gentry’s Old Testament Overview course while my husband was in seminary, and his class opened my eyes to the beauty of the overarching story of redemptive history.  It changed the way I read the Bible.  Both Dr. Gentry and Dr. Stephen Wellum are men who love the Scriptures, and I know this book will cause my small mind to marvel at the mind and glory of God.

The Unquenchable Flame

by Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves brings church history to life.  I’m reading The Unquenchable Flame with several other women; the problem is I read the first chapter and don’t want to wait another week for our group to continue reading.  There is so much we can learn from the Reformers about the necessity of keeping the gospel undiluted and the Scriptures central in the church and our lives.

Popologetics:  Popular Culture in Christian Perspective

by Ted Turnau

I have three teenagers and need help with popular culture!  Popologetics is a thoughtful book about filtering popular culture through a Christian worldview.  After I benefit from reading Ted Turnau’s book, I plan on reading at least portions of it to my teenagers.

Kimm Crandall

The Pearl of Christian Comfort

by Petrus Dathenus

The Pearl of Christian Comfort is a conversation between two people, one with questions and misunderstandings of what the true gospel really is and another who continually points her to Jesus. I am reading this because I have a hunger to communicate to other women, namely mothers, how to distinguish between the law and the gospel so that they may see the love of Jesus more clearly in their daily lives.

Gospel Transformation Bible


I am very excited to begin reading my new Gospel Transformation Bible because the goal of every commentator is to show us where we can find Jesus in each and every passage. I am also quite impressed by the fact that there are several women contributors to this Bible. This encourages me as a woman to continue to seek sound theology and reminds me that it is not just men who can exegete scripture but as women we are not only capable but encouraged to.

Extravagant Grace

by Barbara Duguid

As a woman who lives all of life in what seems like a constant state of weakness I am always needing to be reminded that the Christian life is not about my performance but about Christ’s performance on my behalf. Every quote that I have read from this book has spoken deep into my heart leaving me hungry for more. This book has grace and freedom written all over it.

Courtney Reissig

Tell the Truth 

by William Metzger

My husband read this book for his evangelism class in seminary and still talks about how helpful it was. He’s been encouraging me to read it for a while and I’m finally going to do it! Evangelism, much to my shame, is something I rarely think about. And while I am rarely around many other people besides my two little boys, my prayer for 2014 is that I would be open to those around me (as few as they may be) and see opportunities to share about the good news of Jesus Christ.

The Joy of Fearing God 

by Jerry Bridges

I have heard it said that one way to fight fear of man is to grow in our fear of God. Since I struggle greatly with fearing man (and woman!), I think this book is a timely one for me to tackle this year. Often when we think of “fearing God” we think of being fretful or afraid. I like how Bridges captures the essence of what it is in his title. It should be a joy to fear the one who created us and loves us.



Trillia is the Lead Editor for Karis. You can follow her on twiter at @trillianewbell

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