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Duck and Cover at A&E…

December 19, 2013

Rainbow flagBy Derick Dickens: Duck Dynasty is a household name and most people–this author excluded– have seen the epic tale of the four Louisiana men.  Famous for their end of the day prayer and outspoken Christian beliefs, you must wonder why their recent statement on homosexuality took anyone by surprise.

Phil Robertson’s, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty crew, statement calling homosexuality sinful in GQ Magazine  should not have surprised anyone.  He has made previous statements about premarital sex and other moral issues that reflect a traditional Christian view.  As well, Robertson has been well known for being outspoken.  So when A&E fired Phil for expressing the belief that homosexuality is a sin, you have to wonder why.  Was A&E really taken off guard by these comments?

Time Magazine agrees.  They state that as long as Phil Robertson’s conservative Christian views were subtle, they were tolerable.  Once these views became explicit–and we should add, explicit on the issue of homosexuality– A&E abandoned him.

In some ways, A&E is trying to avoid controversy.  I understand that they are in the television business, hoping to appeal to a broad audience.  As a result, they put out a statement on their view of homosexuality hoping to quell the fears of many of their viewers.  However, A&E is not avoiding controversy; they were explicit in their statement in support of the Gay and Lesbian movement going against a vast swath of their audience.  Their statement further clarified that their decision was about Phil’s view on homosexuality.  A&E was not subtle and while they may have been more refined in their statement than Phil Robertson, they were just as bold in their proclamation in support of homosexuality as Phil was against.

The tide has turned in American life.  What was once the norm just a few short years ago, is not even tolerated or allowed to be discussed in rational and engaging conversation.  Time offers little engagement.

Time Magazine continued:

Now, you’ve got an issue with those of us who maybe just want to watch a family comedy about people outside a major city, but please without supporting somebody thumping gay people with their Bible. Or a problem with people with gay friends, or family, or, you know, actual gay A&E viewers.

But here is the double standard of the Media.  They blame Phil Robertson for “thumping gay people with [his] Bible” but are silent when society uses their gay agenda to thump those of us with religious beliefs.  They are allowed to hold their beliefs, but once a Christian voices his/her belief it becomes intolerable.  The double standard is evident and explicit.

In the modern era, tolerance is a one-way street.  If you happen to be going the wrong way on that street, you will not be tolerated.

Instead of shunning opinions, bashing people who disagree, and stereotyping, we need an honest dialog on these issues.  Unfortunately, when a man can no longer express his opinion–an opinion held by the majority of people throughout all of history– we know tolerance is merely a meaningless slogan.


Derick Dickens has an MBA in Leadership, MDiv, and MA in Religion.  He speaks regularly on topics ranging from Christian Worldview issues to business leadership, and he is a Professor of Business and Human Resources.  Married for 15 years to his wife Lacie, they have three children and live in Lynchburg Virginia.  You can follow Derick on Twitter at

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