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The Leading Edge: Planned Parenthood Theater

November 20, 2013

The Story: “Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Theater,” by Mollie Hemingway writing at

The Lead:

Closing clinics make for great headlines and more dramatic court briefs. But a media mildly more skeptical of savvy public relations campaigns and well-scripted legal wrangling might serve the public a bit more.

Why It Matters: There’s a lot in this article by the redoubtable Mollie Hemingway. For all it’s benefits, one of the greatest failures of the feminist movement over the last century has been that it has allowed Planned Parenthood to elbow its way to the front and emerge as the de facto feminist leader and abortion its raison d’etre.

That needn’t be so, but it seems to be reality. That is a reality that is upheld by something of a kabuki theater, one that props its ideology up with arguments that sound moral, inevitable, and poised to flourish the humans who hear it. Instead, it is a false show that crumbles, but for the fact that the line has been said so loud, long, and often enough that it is perceived as Gospel truth.

Hemingway here grabs your chin and says, “Take another look.” What have we become that we are willing to tweet about our abortions?! Why is Planned Parenthood so peeved that recently enacted laws on abortion meant the closure of several clinics in Texas if only 3% of its business is the intentional ending of a developing human life?

Turn of the lights and don’t pay the admission to Planned Parenthood’s theater. It’s not worth it.


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