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The Leading Edge: Some of Them Shouldn’t Be Alive

November 19, 2013

The Story: “World’s First Surviving Septuplets Turn 16,” as reported by Lydia Warren at the

The Lead:

Bobbi and her husband Kenny famously declined selective reduction after learning they were pregnant with seven children following fertility treatment, saying it was ‘in God’s hands’.

Why it Matters:  Am I the only one that remembers this?  I recall the mega-news story that this birth created 16 years ago.  The story line was remarkable for two reasons: first, that a woman was carrying 7 babies.  That’s a big deal in and of itself.  Having one at a time is incredible enough!


But, second to it was that the McCaughey’s insistence over the “wisdom” of docs to “selectively reduce” these babies because the babies would not survive and, if they did, their quality of life would be sub-par – sub-par for physical and social reasons.  Well reading this story and looking into the faces of these lovely children reveal a quite stunning answer to those doctors that suggested their parents kill some of their developing children, an answer that can be summed up in one word:


This family – and these children – are not without their share of challenges.  I’m sure the parents are exhausted, even after the most tiring first years of parenting.  I’m not sure, frankly, when they would have managed to get any sleep, nor how they managed to finance their home and feed these mouths.  But, somehow it was possible.  Not only was it possible, it was good for them to do so.  These kids have flourished, can anyone doubt that?

This story, a look back over our shoulder and confirmation of arguments of human dignity now seen in 20/20 hindsight, is a reminder of how little we know and how foolish we are to consider any innocent human life less worthy of protection, admiration, and – well – life.

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