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The Leading Edge: Mandatory Abortions

November 7, 2013


The Story:  “‘Abortion should be mandatory for 30 years’ for ‘population control’: Gay activist,” as reported by Ben Johnson at

The Lead:

Audience member Lisa Malouf closed the program by asking, “Which so-called ‘dangerous idea’ do you each think would have the greatest potential to change the world for the better if it were implemented?”

After a moment’s thought, Savage replied, “Population control. There’s too many G-d d—-ed people on the planet.”

“You know, I’m pro-choice, I believe that women should have a right to control their bodies,” he added. “Sometimes in my darker moments, I’m anti-choice. I think abortion should be mandatory for about 30 years.”

The audience responded with overwhelming applause at the suggestion that the world’s women lose control of their fertility.

Why it Matters:  It’s easy to be shocked by such outrageous claims.  As the article goes on to note, this is not an idea that is merely academic, it is reality in at least one nation on this planet: China.

But, cultural sensitivity aside, Savage ought to make the one who is quick to trot out a tired pro-choice slogan think carefully before speaking.  Note what he has conceded.

First, he concedes that there is a thin, “dark” line between being pro-choice (the putative right to determine if and how many children to bear) and being anti-choice (someone else will decide for you if and how many children to bear).  As you make the argument for abortion in some cases, you help make the argument for abortion in any case.

Second, note the lack of a, “gasp” in reaction to his comments.  Instead, there was dumbfounded laughter and the woman asking the question beams with approbation at the idea.  Lay aside the debate over population control for the moment, ought we not be careful how we react at the suggestion that we sterilize humans or abort offspring for 3 decades?  Such is not a laughing matter – whether that laughter is nervous or supportive.

Third, note the flippant callousness.  Savage is most known for being an expert on sex and sexuality.  He is lurid in his “advice” and vulgar in any presentation that I’ve ever heard him make (including this one).  It is my experience that such vulgarity is born out of a equally vulgar heart.  When one seeks to deny God’s design for human sexuality (as Savage has) and then openly celebrate that which God abhors (which Savage does), while mocking those who embrace God’s design for human sexuality (as Savage has become popular for), there is a hardening of the heart that accompanies.  And increased hardening.  Use this example to make yourself aware of how the seeming delights this world has to entice you with may create a flippant callousness of your own heart.  Do not be taken in by such an argument, but test what Savage and others have to say against that which God has revealed.  Ask that God will soften your heart of stone and that of Savage as well.


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