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The Leading Edge: The ‘Onerous’ Hallway Myths

October 28, 2013


The Story: “Virginia’s Blood-Spattered Abortion Clinics and Onerous Hallway Myths,” by Mollie Hemingway writing at

The Lead:

What wasn’t mentioned in the cheery report about Falls Church Healthcare Center was what the Virginia Department of Health found when it made a planned and announced inspection of the clinic in August 2012.

As reported in a 65-page document, the facility was found to be blood-splattered and failing to comply with even basic sterilization procedures. Again, this was after being told when to expect a visit from health inspectors.

The inspectors observed that two blood collection tubes, designated as “clean and ready for use”, actually had a “dark reddish substance” where the tube for blood collection attached. A staff member said that the cleaning process for these tubes is to run them under water and then soak them in alcohol at the end of the day, but not between patient uses. When the inspectors pointed out the substance, a staff member said, “That looks like blood. They aren’t clean.” So the staffer ran them under water and said the “blood” was gone.

Why it Matters:  While the abortion industry works hard to avoid any form of scrutiny of their work, shielding their dark deeds behind the cloak of “women’s rights,” at least one reporters notes the reality of how an unregulated abortion industry impacts the lives of women.

The gender “wars” of the past century or so have been a mixed bag.  In the one sense, discussions of gender have reminded us of the lovely complimentarity of the genders, how both male and female reflect the image of our Creator, and how each gender provides a unique contribution to society at large and the family in particular.

On the negative side, as we have become more “enlightened” (as if we were dark age rubes before), we have used our human wisdom to cast off the restraints of morality.  All of them.  The beauty of God’s design for the genders morphed into genders seeking dominance in the bedroom.  Along with it came a liberated mindset that led to a skewed sense of self-determination over a lesser individual: the unborn child.  We were sold a bill of goods that suggested that abortion offices masquerading as pseudo-medical clinics would solve the rusty coat hangers and back-alley threats to women’s health that our puritanical, misogynistic bans on the practice of abortion had supposedly wrought.

And, yet, the conscience is rarely free of even the smallest twinge of common grace.  What our society actually accomplished was merely a walling off of that back-alley.  Oh, maybe we swept it up a bit and doused the walls in Lysol just for appearances, but have you ever stepped foot into an abortion clinic to know for sure how much better they are than the alley?  Has your government?

According to this article, most state governments – the entities charged with regulating the health and safety of its citizens – have not and some have actively chosen to avoid the enforcement of laws designed to protect women.

This article matters because it reveals our human nature’s penchant for avoiding the scrutiny of the law – both civil and moral – in order to appease our appetite for self.

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