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The Leading Edge: Glad in My Numbered Days

October 21, 2013


The Story:  “Glad in My Numbered Days: A Birth Story,” by Kristin Jamieson writing at Karis on

The Lead:  “When I was twenty-four I almost died in childbirth—twice. My twenty-three year old husband paced the hospital halls, making quietly urgent calls to scared parents, aching with constant prayers for God to preserve us, his wife and daughter.

And the Lord, who also told Jairus not to be afraid, chose to give Rose and me life—though lives much altered and deeper for the struggle.”

Why it Matters:  CBMW has a number of other good blogs and resources.  This is one of them.

Writing at our channel mainly for women, Kristin Jamieson writes a lovely recounting of the birth of her daughter – a birth story that reveals both the preciousness and precariousness of human life.  I thought it was important to retell the story here on The Edge where we spend more of our time talking of the consequences and effects of the political world around us.  Policy has consequences and we often forget the humanity of our pro-life decisions.  Kristin’s story reveals the unintentionally simple reality of defying human wisdom by obeying Christ’s command to love and respect innocent human life.

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