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With ‘Draft’ Back, Christians Feel Back Draft

October 16, 2013


By Greg Scott

Did you know that Christians who affirm biblical truth on human sexuality are Neo-Nazis?

So says yet another instructor at yet another “training” session for service members at yet another Army post.

Todd Starnes reported yesterday that soldiers at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center in south Mississippi were subjected to a period of instruction in which the American Family Association was identified as a dangerous domestic extremist organization.

Why the accusation against AFA? Because of its public position that marriage is the lifelong, faithful union of husband and wife, and that sex should be experienced only within marriage.

Yes, saying these things out loud makes you a title sponsor of the 2013 Ku Klux Klan Konvention.

I’m not embellishing. The instructor of this U.S. Army-sanctioned (and I’m sure mandatory) training session actually compared AFA to the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and other similarly execrable organizations.

To call this “an isolated incident” is to deny the undeniable, or to adopt Latrell Sprewell’s definition of the phrase. Starnes and others have reported numerous incidents with almost identical facts since shortly after Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed and compulsory exaltation of homosexuality replaced the policy.

A common thread in all these chilling stories is the government’s use of information provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which keeps a list labeling mainstream Christians organizations “hate groups.” AFA gets an icon on the handy-dandy SPLC map. The symbol used? A white hood with eye holes.

So why does the Department of Defense allow – even seek out – training resources from such an insidious actor as SPLC?

The question is rhetorical. None of this should surprise us. Aggressive rebellion against the created order is now stated federal government policy. Liars “by their unrighteousness [will] suppress truth” and force others to worship false gods and hail wicked kings to promulgate their lies. In this instance, witnesses to the truth that men and women are fearfully, wonderfully, and differently made, and made for one another, must be attacked, mocked, falsely accused and treated as enemies of the human race.

The cheerleading of sin is always dangerous. Geometrically so when backed by a multi-trillion dollar, ever-there government PR machine. But thrusting the most powerful military in world history onto the domestic cultural battlefield on behalf of one side is uniquely frightening.

We have an all-volunteer military, but those who’ve volunteered for service are being forcibly drafted for service of a different kind. Too much evidence is emerging to dismiss the idea that the government is running a military re-education campaign meant to turn troops against law-abiding citizens and against the freedoms they’ve volunteered to defend for those same citizens.

Let us pray that a wave of faithful and courageous sailors, coast guardsmen, airmen, Marines, and soldiers – like the chaplain who reportedly challenged the “hate” instructor’s slander – resist all attempts to force them to renounce their oaths of service.

Greg Scott is Senior Director of Media Relations at Alliance Defending Freedom in Scottsdale, Ariz. He previously served 10 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps, most recently as a Public Affairs Officer at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego.

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