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The Leading Edge: When a Woman (Once a Man) Wants a Mammogram

October 16, 2013


The Story:“Jennifer Blair, a transexual woman, is suing for the right to get free breast cancer screenings,” by WUSA9.

The Lead: “The legal definition of “female” is at the center of a new lawsuit. Jennifer Blair, a transsexual woman, is suing for the right to get free breast cancer screenings. Blair had surgery to change her gender more than a decade ago. Women’s Wellness Connection, a state-run healthcare program, recently turned her away because she is ‘not genetically female.'”

Why it Matters: Would we have this issue if marriage were not in the midst of being redefined? I submit not. Part of the problem of redefining marriage is that it redefines gender along with it – and I’m not talking about the Ozzie and Harriet definitions of gender of ages past. Marriage has long been the sole institution to unify the genders and to celebrate their complimentarity. This goes beyond “parts fitting” and to the center part of our maleness and femaleness.

So, when your initial gut reaction to this story makes your lower jaw go weak, let it drop. We ought to be aghast and befuddled when a man seeks to have a mammogram – even as we ought to be befuddled when this same man seeks a pap smear! Your biology and anatomy has much to do with your gender. Yet it is not everything. Cut parts off and implant silicone and there is still something central to each of us that betrays our outward appearance: our creation.

And, creatures have been fighting their Creator since Genesis 3. Did God really say that you were a male at birth? Yes, He did and He makes no mistakes.

I truly hope that this individual’s physical health is not in jeopardy. That there is a mass in the breast is troubling – and tumors are no respectors of gender. Surely, there is a resource available to women AND men to address such tumors without resorting to questioning gender role or creating a third way. Nonetheless, the spiritual health is of greater concern. For those who openly deny God’s proclamation that His creation is, “very good,” no amount of surgeries or pills will bring peace. May God grant his Spirit to perform one, total organ transplant of eternal consequence on Blair’s heart and, therein, find peace.

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