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Prayers for the Journey by Kimberly Campbell

October 11, 2013


By Courtney Reissig

Praying for our husbands is an often talked about spiritual discipline. But how many times do we commit to praying for them in earnest, only to be met with the disappointment days, weeks, and months later when we fall short of our goal to lift our husbands up in prayer? Our desire is right, but we struggle with the day to day living out of our right desire. I know for me, I find myself praying the same generic prayer day in and day out, all the while knowing that my prayers could use a good boost of energy and zeal.

Kimberly Campbell knows the desire well. She is a wife, mother, speaker, and writer who has used her passion for writing and scripture to craft a helpful tool for wives and wives-to-be. Unlike other prayer journals, this one is expository in nature. Campbell takes us through the book of Ephesians and teaches us how to pray scripture for our husbands, in a sense praying God’s word back to him.

And she is uniquely equipped to walk us through scripture. Campbell holds a Master of Divinity degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. After seminary she worked for Randy Stinson at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary before joining the writing team of Treasuring Christ Curriculum, a church-based curriculum for family ministry. She is now married to Eric, a worship pastor and elder at the Bible Church of Little Rock.

It is her training in understanding the Bible that allows her to take us daily through Ephesians. Each day is assigned a different passage from Ephesians and includes sample prayers with application points. For someone who often doesn’t know where to begin, this is a helpful introduction to praying God’s word back to him on behalf of my husband.

Marriage is a journey. I have heard it likened to a marathon race. Some miles are easier than others. But it is a wonderful journey. As Christian women, we are given the task of loving our husbands well through not only respecting them as our leaders, but also taking them before the throne of grace. The same God who promised to begin the good work in us will do the same in them, and we get to be a part of it. Campbell has provided a helpful resource for wives to not only pray for their husbands, but saturate their minds with scripture in the process.

Campbell’s desire for this journal is that it be used by any and all who desire to have it. That is why she has made it free of charge on her website

For more information, or to download your free copy, visit her website to take advantage of this offer.


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