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The Leading Edge: Does Faith Equal Hate?

October 10, 2013


The Story:  “Does Faith = Hate?” by Rod Dreher writing for The American Conservative.

The Lead:  “A consensus is emerging on the right that the most important goal at this stage is not to stop gay marriage entirely but to secure as much liberty as possible for dissenting religious and social conservatives while there is still time.

“To do so requires waking conservatives up to what may happen to them and their religious institutions if current trends continue—and Catholic bishops, say, come to be regarded as latter-day Bull Connors.

“Will religious conservatives be seen as no better than racist bullies in the emerging settlement? Despite what you haven’t heard—the news media’s silence on religious liberty threats from same-sex marriage is deafening—this is not slippery-slope alarmism. The threat is real.”

Why it Matters:  READ. THIS. STORY.  Better than most stories I’ve read on the topic of same-sex marriage in recent days – and I’ve read a few of them – no one had done a better job at getting square to the point: in the battle over marriage, the front has shifted to religious liberty.

Not only does Dreher ask the right questions, he asks those questions to the right people, including my friends the always provocative Maggie Gallagher and Russell Moore.  This story ought to make you think and think hard about what the future battle over gender looks like, how it will impact your children, and whether your personal or corporate ministry will be able to withstand the onslaught.

Oh, if you’re going to be one of those blog readers that skims more than reads, then skim to the last paragraph and read Maggie’s closing line.

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