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The Leading Edge: 11 SupCo Cases that Could Change the U.S. in the Coming Year

October 8, 2013



The Story:  “11 Supreme Court Cases that Could Change the U.S. in the Coming Year,” by Chris Geidner writing at BuzzFeed. [WARNING: Some images in the sidebar of BuzzFeed’s website may be offensive.]

The Lead:  “At 10 a.m. Monday, in the midst of a government shutdown, Chief Justice John Roberts will begin his eighth term at the Supreme Court — beginning a session in which the justices are slated to hear cases affecting the future of legislative prayers, presidential power in making appointments, and whether a meth addict can have a court-ordered mental evaluation used against him in fighting murder charges.”

Why it Matters:  In the last half-century, the Supreme Court of the United States has gradually be growing as an active element of the legislative process – a true irony, given the interpretive, judicial charge of that institution.  Even if the court were to return to pre-Marbury v. Madison days, the first Monday in October – the traditional and constitutional first-day of the Supreme Court’s term – ought to occupy our attention every year.  This year is no exception.

Reading carefully through this list, not only will you be able to wow your friends at work with some seriously legit judicial knowledge, but you might realize the magnitude of the issues to be decided – issues that will greatly impact your day-to-day life as an American.

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