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The Leading Edge: How Obamacare Will Subsidize Abortion

September 26, 2013


The Story:  “How Obamacare Will Subsidize Abortion” by Chuck Donovan writing at The Corner at National Review Online.

The Lead: “Is all this a tempest in a teapot with little effect on publicly supported abortion? Far from it. An analysis by the Charlotte Lozier Institute published this weeksuggests that the number of abortions that will be heavily subsidized via federal premium tax credits and Medicaid expansion is likely to be between 71,000 and 111,500 per year. This approaches one in ten abortions performed in the United States.”

Why It Matters: Is anyone surprised?  Not only is the Affordable Care Act becoming a behemoth to implement, when it is implemented, it is turning out to be the precise opposite of what some promised it would be.  We were told that it would lower premiums, but those are set to jump.  Abortion included?  Evidently it is, though we were told that it would never be.

So, what’s next?  What other promises are politicians making to quell the just concerns of people like you and me?  How about marriage.  How many times have you heard, “If your church does not agree with the redefinition of marriage, the government will not force your pastor to marry a same-sex couple”?  Does this revelation give you confidence that they are telling the truth?

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