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The Leading Edge: The Banning of ‘Conversion Therapy’

September 3, 2013

Leading Edge

The Story: California gay conversion therapy ban upheld.  By Howard Mintz at the San Jose Mercury News

The Lead: “In a decision that could spark a U.S. Supreme Court review, a federal appeals court on Thursday upheld the (California’s) new law barring the practice of counseling minors to convert from homosexuality (aka conversion therapy), rejecting the free speech and religious rights arguments of therapists and families who support the practice.”

“The court also rejected the argument the law interferes with parents’ rights to seek such counseling for their children.”

“California legislators and gay rights advocates sought to abolish the therapy for minors, arguing that it stigmatizes youths and can lead to depression and even suicide.”

Why It Matters:  We will provide more analysis on this decision on The Edge tomorrow, but wanted to highlight it here on The Leading Edge.  The law on Conversion Therapy passed by the California legislature was troublesome, but the 9th Circuit’s decision is problematic in at least four ways:

  • The decision usurped parental and religious rights

  • The decision allowed for unsupported claims of perceived harm as the basis for violating these rights

  • The decision gives homosexual activists an unfair advantage in influencing your children

  • The decision places California at odds with the Gospel
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