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The Leading Edge: ‘Til Debt Us Do Part

August 29, 2013

Leading Edge

The Story:  “College Debts Delaying Marriage for Graduates,” by Myra Fleischer, 8/26/13, The Washington Times

The Lead:  “Financial problems are frequently cited as one of the main causes for divorce, and my experience as a family law attorney bears this out. One of the most insidious problems is coming into a marriage carrying debt. These debts only increase within the first few years of marriage: mortgages, having children, car payments, medical bills and other expenses. If a couple isn’t careful and accrues debt for a wedding and honeymoon, it’s easy to see why financial problems can create major stresses and sources of tension in a marriage.”

Why it Matters:  At the confluence of economic and social issues must stand this article.  As prices for college increase (even while pressures to attend multiple levels of higher learning increase), the impact of achieving an education is not merely financial.  Here, one family law attorney offers a bit of caution base on experience: be careful how much debt you bring to the marriage . . . and how it will affect your marriage.  For some, debt is an anchor that slows the walk to the altar.  In a day in which marriage is already devalued, having the weight of student loans is yet another threat to walking the aisle.

Perhaps the old adage is a wise one: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  In this case, careful financial planning and clear lines of communication within the bonds of marriage will help you avoid meeting the author of this article.

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