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Gratitude for Chris Cowan and Jeff Robinson

July 1, 2013

by CBMW Staff

Over the past decade or so of CBMW’s history, two men have held extremely important posts here at CBMW, and we’d like to thank them for their service and pray for God’s blessing on them as they venture into other ministry opportunities.

15Chris Cowan has been with CBMW since 2000 and was Randy Stinson’s first hire when he assumed the role of Executive Director. Chris initially helped Stinson with CBMW’s relocation to Louisville and was an integral part of CBMW’s conference and event presence. Beginning in 2005 and onward, Cowan was the Assistant Editor of the JBMW and served us well in some of the most important issues that the JBMW tackled.

Thank you, Chris, for giving your heart, soul, and free time into making CBMW a better ministry for over a decade through your various efforts.



jeff robinsonJeff Robinson joined CBMW as a writer and editor for Gender News, which eventually became CBMW’s Gender Blog on the old website. As a faithful contributor, and often the only contributor, to our blog, Jeff has been immensely important in maintaining CBMW’s web presence and in communicating CBMW’s values to the public on a consistent basis.

Thank you, Jeff, for keeping running smoothly and for serving CBMW faithfully for so many years.

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