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Complementarianism Lived Out but Not Defended

April 22, 2013


By Trillia Newbell

I was recently asked to respond to a series of articles written on the web regarding complementarianism. The new friend was curious about my thoughts regarding certain aspects of the various posts. I’m not going to go into great detail and here is why, for me being a complementarian isn’t a “cause.” I am a complementarian because as I’ve read and studied God’s word I continue to come to the same conclusions and interpretations of key scriptures.  

So I hesitate to respond to every article I read about my convictions, as defined and shared by others, because my desire and goal isn’t to defend what I believe the Bible says at every turn. I stand by the mission and values of CBMW. If I were to adopt a “cause” I’d say it would be to encourage women in their various callings through the word. If God would use Karis to be an encouragement, resource, and strengthening tool for women, then I’d say we’ve accomplished our goal. 

This may not be the sort of response my concerned reader was asking for, but it is my heart. I am thankful to be a woman, equal in value and yet distinct in role. I am eager to walk out this walk of faith with other women, loving those who disagree with me all along the way.

You simply won’t see much arguing about who we are in-Christ on Karis. But you should find loads of gospel, grace, maybe some weeping, and a bunch of relating. We are committed to our complementarian convictions walked out and look forward to sharing what we are learning from God and from you, our readers.

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