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Walk With Us through the Word: A Series Introduction

April 15, 2013

walk through the word

By Courtney Reissig

CBMW has always been about the priority of scripture in determining our beliefs. We are a Bible believing people who want to be faithful to scripture. In addition, CBMW is committed to encouraging women to cultivate their God given gifts for his glory. One of those gifts is teaching scripture to women. We want to see women teaching women to love God’s word and train the next generation. That is why we are starting with this series. While our intention for this site is to present the many beautiful facets of biblical womanhood, we are starting with a firm foundation on scripture and letting scripture inform our practice, not the other way around.

We have gathered a multi-talented group of women for our first series “Walk through the Word”. With each post, one of our writers will unpack a passage dealing with gender and show how it relates to us as women. Our writers come from many different backgrounds, cultures, and seasons of life and we are convinced that this only strengthens our message and belief that biblical womanhood is hardly cookie-cutter.

Over the next month we will be posting articles written about passages from the Old and New Testaments. If you ever wanted to know what God meant when he said he created men and women equal in his image, we hope to answer that for you in a winsome manner. If you wonder what it means to submit to your husband as you do the Lord, we will seek to provide a fresh approach to this age old truth from Ephesians 5. And that is just a start! So sit back, pull out your Bible and favorite notebook, and join us for a Walk through the Word. We are looking forward to learning from God’s word with you.


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