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What to Expect in Our First Month

April 9, 2013

spring and the bibleBy Courtney Reissig

To say that we are excited about the launch of CBMW’s first ever site for women would be an understatement. And you know what makes us even more excited? The amazing team of women writers we have lined up to serve you in your pursuit of biblical womanhood! We have women from all walks of life, cultures, and backgrounds who are bursting with fresh ideas. We only wish we could show you everything right now! But we can give you a little preview of all of the great content we have lined up for our first month here at Karis.

We often hear the command to “be fruitful and multiply” and assume it only applies to married men and women. Lore Ferguson is going to show us that this command is for single women, too. Motherhood can be wearisome even for the most organized mom and Jeannie Cunnion is here to give us some “Musings on Motherhood.” We will begin our first series called “Walk through the Word” and will also have our very first “Titus 2 Tuesday” where we interview a godly older woman and pick her brain about biblical womanhood. Maria Moore, wife of Dr. Russell Moore (the chairman of the board for CBMW), will be our first interviewee and we cannot wait for you to meet her. And of course, we can’t be serious all of the time, so we will throw in a little “Mid-Week Funny” to lighten the mood around here.

Aren’t you excited now? We sure are and we are praying that God will use the words of these women to encourage your soul and grow you in your love for God and his word.

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