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Big Announcement #5: A Dynamic New Podcast

March 8, 2013

by Owen Strachan, Executive Director

CBMW logoWelcome back to CBMW’s Announcement Week. Today we touch on our final major matter of news. For now, anyway. We may well have more up our sleeve…

Monday–New website
Tuesday–New channels
Wednesday–New book projects Thursday–New staff
Friday–New media

We have one major project in development under our “new media” category. CBMW will begin a brand-new podcast in coming days. The title is under consideration, but it will wed all facets of our work. We’ll be providing theological commentary on matters biblical, cultural, spiritual, and more. True to the genre, the tone will be accessible, tensile, and informed.

We at CBMW think you’ll enjoy this new venture, which will fill a considerable gap in the new media world. There are currently a number of great theological podcasts/radio programs on offer, but none that tackle sexuality, gender, marriage, and textual issues so directly. Our focus on the podcast will be our general organizational purview, but since this is a broad-ranging spectrum, and because we believe that the issues we cover are so necessarily connected to Christian theology and the broader evangelical worldview, we’ll have the flexibility to provide sound theological material on a range of matters related to our mission.

Keep an eye out for the CBMW podcast. We’ll have it up and running soon, and we’ll be featuring guests who will bless God’s church with wisdom, exegetical insights, and cultural awareness. Many of us are aware that we live in strange days; Western culture is evolving. Pressure is rising for Christians. In these days, believers and local churches need accessible and scripturally-driven content. God’s people need to be courageous. We at CBMW will do our part to equip our brothers and sisters for that end.

We will also be ramping up our social media efforts in coming days. We’ve given increased attention to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and our investment has been rewarded. We’ll soon triple our “Likes” on our Facebook page (compared to January 2013) and our Twitter “followers” are rapidly increasing. Look for further attention to these vital modes of communication and conversation.

CBMW also has designs on video production. We’ll be exploring how we can create, for example, a “Complementarianism 101” series that will walk viewers through the basics of biblical gender roles and explain how the sexes are designed for God’s glory and created to display his beauty, creativity and intelligence.


There it is: our final announcement in our week of announcements. Thank you very much for tuning into this series of exciting posts (at least, exciting for us!). We hope you’ll be a part of our work in coming days, engaging our resources, perhaps contributing to one of our channels, and generally joining us as we strive to increase the health of the people God has made for his own possession.

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