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Big Announcement #3: New Book Projects

March 6, 2013

by Owen Strachan, Executive Director

CBMW logoThe week of big announcements for CBMW continues apace. Today we cover more new territory: two new book projects from two new authors.

Monday–New website
Tuesday–New channels
Wednesday–New book projects
Thursday–New staff
Friday–New media

This is a big announcement for us. CBMW is going to start a publishing wing.

Former Executive Director Randy Stinson published a book with Dan Dumas two years back entitled A Guide to Biblical Manhood. The short and very popular text (with a fantastic chapter by Stinson on training sons through baseball) was published under the auspices of SBTS Press with CBMW’s involvement. We’re going to advance in that vein and start our own line.

The name is being finalized at this time, but we already have two projects lined up by talented young writers. The first book will be authored by Courtney Reissig and will be entitled Confessions of a Recovering Feminist. Some will recall Courtney’s blockbuster blog series by the same name several years back; that series was some of the best-read online content CBMW has ever produced (in over a decade online). I’m not a recovering feminist, but I read Courtney’s series and thought it was narrativally fresh, theologically rich, and refreshingly honest (with a convicted but gracious tone).

In short, the series was exactly the kind of material the complementarian movement needs. We’ve done well at producing didactic, even appealingly didactic, material; while such resources are very much needed, we could use a bit more of the “story” behind complementarianism (and evangelical Christianity!), more of the personal touch. That’s what Courtney’s book will offer, albeit from a godly woman who has a very sharp mind (read her blog here).

It will also be meaningful to hear more of what the Lord has done in Courtney’s life in recent years, as God has blessed her with a godly husband and two sweet children. We want to hear about the whole story, the high parts and the low, because ultimately we want to celebrate how the Bible’s wisdom blesses women in varying seasons. Courtney will share that wisdom and relate how the Lord has worked in her heart over the years through his Word and his Spirit.

At CBMW, we’re reminded that honesty is good. Story is needed. Narratives encourage us.

The gospel is working, and transforming, and strengthening.

The second book we’re going to publish is by a young man named Alex Duke and will be entitled Confessions of a Recovering Goofball (who says CBMW can’t have a bit of fun?). Alex is a recent graduate of Western Kentucky University and an MDiv student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Married to Melanie, he’s currently a pastoral intern at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D. C.

Alex is one of the sharpest young writers I’ve seen, and I think his narrative fits a present need. This is true of both books. With Courtney’s project, we’re tackling one of the most common challenges young Christian women of all kinds face–how to handle and work through feminism. With Alex’s project, we’re tackling a less directly ideological but still hugely problematic challenge to young men–how to reject a culture of low expectations, embrace maturity, and go on mission with Christ.

Alex will walk us through the common experience of many young men today, giving us a narratival sense of what it’s like to be a godly young man in a culture that all too often considers men to be idiots, losers, lust addicts, and worse. He’ll share how biblical wisdom is impacting his life and can transform the lives of others. The best thing about this book? It doesn’t need cliffhangers and artificial drama. Alex is a godly young man, and we’ll see firsthand how Scripture is shaping and driving his life, day by day.


So there you have it. We’re excited to debut two great young writers and introduce them to the wider evangelical world. Look for these projects in 2014.

As time goes on, we’ll have our eyes open for more authors and other projects that can lend gospel strength to Christ’s church. Thanks for your interest in CBMW, and please join with us in praying for these ventures.


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