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Big Announcement #2: Introducing Men’s, Women’s, & Public Square Channels

March 5, 2013

by Owen Strachan, Executive Director

CBMW logoYesterday CBMW made the first of five big announcements. We shared about our new website.

Today we cover new territory: the new “channels,” or mini-sites, we’ll be debuting on

Monday–New website
Tuesday–New channels
Wednesday–New staff
Thursday–New book projects
Friday–New media

It’s become clear to us that we need to speak into several conversations, and that we can best do so by developing three separate channels that will produce daily content. Here are the three channels we’re excited to debut:

Men’s Channel. This will feature commentary on all things manhood. We intend for the men’s channel–name coming soon–to be a one-stop resource for men who want to understand what God has created men to be and do. We intend to provide a plethora of content, ranging from biblical studies, devotions, cultural engagement, book reviews, practical commentary, and much more. Look for the tone to be informed but accessible, theological but also practical. We’re aware that men today greatly desire and need resources on how the gospel of God’s sufficient Word shapes and transforms them. We want to provide that material, and have some fun doing it!

The Men’s Channel will be led by Lead Editor Brandon Smith and Assistant Editor Grant Castleberry. We have lined up more than 20 gifted writers who will be providing us with a fresh stream of God-honoring, biblically faithful content.

Women’s Channel. In recent years, sites like GirlTalk, Biblical Woman, Mary Kassian’s work, and Revive Our Hearts have, with others, produced strong theological and spiritual material. CBMW is grateful for these efforts and wants to come alongside in order to help drive the conversation about godly womanhood further.

We’ve listened to Christian women, especially the younger crowd, and we’ve heard a desire for a place to convene conversations on an array of matters–singleness, what homemaking and child-raising looks like in the 21st-century, how to use one’s gifting as a woman for the glory of Christ. These conversations have been started and even driven by great outlets to this point. CBMW, though, wants to play a role in continuing them, and in strengthening women of God to take dominion for Christ in a fallen world, a world that has offered a substantial revision to biblical womanhood in recent decades. We at CBMW believe that it is the gospel, and no other alternative, that offers true liberation, and lasting satisfaction.

There’s much more that we could and will say on this topic in coming days. Suffice it to say that as Executive Director of CBMW, I am thrilled to see how the vision for the Women’s Channel has formed and expanded since we started batting the idea around. This will fill a great need for the organization, and for the broader (and much bigger) complementarian movement.

The Women’s Channel will be led by Lead Editor Trillia Newbell and Assistant Editor Courtney Reissig. This is a powerhouse duo, and I’m thrilled at what they’ve already cooked up–over 30 writers signed up so far, including godly women from all over the world. We can’t wait to debut this channel.

Public Square Channel. CBMW grounds its ministry in strengthening Christian homes and churches through the truth of God’s Word and the power of his gospel. We’ve had, to this point, a role in speaking into the broader cultural conversation over such definitive issues as marriage, homosexuality, and sexual identity, but it’s time for us to push further on this front. God’s church is challenged as never before on these and other questions. Marriage images Christ and the church, so Satan is attacking it publicly in a hundred different ways. Distinctions between the sexes are collapsing in different places in western culture. The culture, and the church with it, are increasingly confused about the most basic of realities: what is marriage? What is a man? What is a woman? Is sexual identity created or given us?

The Public Square Channel will feature front-line engagement with these and other issues. It will be led by Owen Strachan (for now) and Assistant Editor Bryan Baise.


The content for each of these channels will be readable, accessible, lively, relevant, and gospel-driven. We’ll be producing daily material by which to equip God’s people and to help local churches all across the world do the same. That’s why CBMW exists. We’re not here for our own sake. We’re here to help believers and local churches know the richness and goodness and beauty of God’s plan for men and women.

Join us as we debut these channels in April toward these ends.


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