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Gratitude for Randy Stinson’s godly leadership of CBMW

January 21, 2013

11We at CBMW are deeply appreciative of Randy Stinson’s many years of excellent service as executive director of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.. He served as CBMW’s leader for seven years and will remain in an advisory role as a senior fellow. CBMW’s board of directors recently named Owen Strachan as the organization’s new executive director

Under Dr. Stinson’s strong leadership, the organization became one of the most respected parachurch ministries in the evangelical community. The accomplishments speak volumes about the quality of Randy’s leadership: he led CBMW in an extensive critical analysis of the gender-neutral TNIV Bible translation; he helped CBMW to remain deeply embedded in scholarly activities, participating in numerous debates on gender issues at Evangelical Theological Society meetings and co-writing a book with Dan Dumas in 2011, A Guide to Biblical Manhood. Additionally, Dr. Stinson traveled extensively on behalf of CBMW and served as a speaker in many conferences in which CBMW led or participated.

Dr. Stinson executed these many responsibilities even as he provided behind-the-scenes counsel to many pastors and young leaders. Much of what he did for CBMW was unseen by the public, but he served the ministry well and sacrificially for over a decade.

A native of Tampa, Florida, Randy and his wife Danna have seven children, Gunnar, Georgia, Fisher, Eden, Payton, Willa and Spencer. He will continue to serve as dean of the School of Church Ministries at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., a position he attained in the mid-2000s. Those who work closest to Randy bear testimony to his excellent labors for the kingdom of Christ through CBMW.

Wayne Grudem, one of CBMW’s founders, worked for many years with Dr. Stinson. “Randy Stinson brought remarkable wisdom, Christian maturity, and leadership to CBMW during his time as Executive Director,” said Grudem. “It was always a pleasure to work with him. He deeply understands and believes the principles of male-female equality and differences that are taught in Scripture, and he significantly advanced the work and mission of CBMW during his tenure.”

CBMW President Ligon Duncan said CBMW could not have had a more ideal leader over the past few years. “Working with Randy Stinson has been a sheer joy. Calling him friend is a great privilege. Randy is a husband, father, leader, scholar and
theologian who lives out his commitment to complementarianism. CBMW is
the better for his faithful service and steady hand.”

R. Albert Mohler Jr., Southern Seminary president, serves as a member of CBMW’s council, said Randy Stinson’s leadership gave the organization a strong foundation for the future: “Randy Stinson is a great leader, a model husband and father, and a man of great conviction. He has given stellar leadership to the CBMW for many years. We will always be in his debt, and CBMW is ready for the future because of his leadership. He will remain a vital and much needed voice on biblical manhood and womanhood.”

Strachan counts Stinson as a model of godly manhood. “As Randy’s successor, I am grateful for his work at CBMW,” Strachan said. “Randy was one of several voices at SBTS who helped me to think counter-culturally on the key issues. There are many great leaders speaking to this issue today, and that’s part of why complementarianism has surged like a rocket in the last three decades. But the thing about Randy is that he truly models what he speaks. His family is healthy and thriving. That’s worth as much to the evangelicals he’s trained as is his leadership, administrative ability, and courage. We at CBMW are grateful to God for this example and for Randy’s many years of service, in which CBMW experienced great health and widespread influence.”

Jeff Robinson, blogger and editor for CBMW, has worked with Stinson since 2003. He expressed gratitude for Stinson’s deep personal influence.  “I am a different husband and father in the wake of serving alongside Randy all these years,” Robinson said. “Randy lives the theology he teaches, modeling expertly and humbly the twin biblical mandates to train up your children in the fear of the Lord and to love your wife as Christ loved the church. My home, and no doubt many others, owes a profound debt to God’s grace as dispensed through the faithful witness of Randy Stinson. I am deeply grateful to have been a part of CBMW during his tenure.”

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