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Normalizing homosexuality in the public schools

November 7, 2012

By LaShawn Barber, WORLD magazine

Gorham Middle School in Maine (a state where voters approved same-sex “marriage” yesterday) holds an annual “Diversity Day,” in which homosexuals attempt to persuade children that deviant sexual behavior is normal and that any disapproval of it is intolerant, which, in PC America, is a bad thing. During the question-and-answer portion of the most recent indoctrination session in the presence of children, the discussion turned to what homosexuals use for “queer safe sex.”

According to sources, teachers said the discussion veered in this direction so quickly they weren’t certain how to react. Principal Robert Riley sent letters of apology to parents and wrote on his blog, “There is no excuse for what happened. It happened, and it happened quickly in response to an honest student question. The results of which we are all very aware. We will be more vigilant in the future to make sure this does not happen again, but the idea of Diversity Day program is still very important to us as a middle school.”

In response, Kristy Howard told WLBZ, “I don’t want my child taught heterosexual foreplay, let alone homosexual foreplay in school. I don’t think it’s the place.”

Last month, I wrote about a Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) project called “Mix It Up at Lunch Day,” in which children were encouraged to sit with others outside their cliques to promote so-called tolerance. The American Family Association (on SPLC’s hate group list) believes the program merely is a way for homosexuals to normalize this behavior to children. I agree. Parents can teach kids to be polite to all kinds of people without approving immoral behavior.

Sadly, the problem, as the Gorham Middle School principal and not a few of the parents see it, is a specific portion of the discussion—the sex talk. But the problem as I see it is the entire discussion. Why are homosexual groups allowed to discuss anything with children in government schools, let alone sexual behavior? More important, why do parents allow it? I wonder if there were Christians among the children in that captive audience of an assembly, why their parents put up with this, and what they plan to do about it.

When I hear or read about incidents like this, I rein in my emotions and think spiritually about what God might be doing. Perhaps homosexual activism in government schools is a spark that will ignite a larger movement among Christians to take their children out and homeschool them or opt for private Christian schools. Maybe one day, Christians and other fed-up parents can start a grassroots campaign to exempt home- and private-school parents from paying taxes to support government schools.

Rendering to Caesar doesn’t mean Christians have to hand over the money they earned to support immorality. The wave of Planned Parenthood defunding across the country is an example of people peacefully protesting having to pay for the killing of the unborn. Parents can peacefully protest homosexual indoctrination and other such programs and projects in taxpayer-supported schools. I look forward to a defunding indoctrination movement.

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