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Keeping Home Priorities in View

March 28, 2012

[Note: What should the believer think about a single woman "fishing" for a man? Mary Kassian's excellent post below helps provide some biblical wisdom on this issue. Below is an introduction to an article and a link to the entire article which also includes a video. The post originally appeared on Mary's blog]

In a recent episode of ABCs reality show, "The Bachelor," bachelor Ben Flajnik took his gaggle of girls to Utah to go fly-fishing. Apparently, one of his vacuous adorers quipped something like, "Catching a fish isn't much different than catching a man."

I say "apparently" because I didn't watch the show. I'm not a big Bachelor fan. But it's tough to go anywhere these days without overhearing girls rehashing the program, and arguing over who should and shouldn't be the next to be denied a rose.

The guys aren't as crazy about the series.

Besides the fact that there are no guns, car chases, or buildings blowing up, they have a hard time tolerating all the drama. Each episode documents how Ben's hopefuls pull out all the stops to "catch" him. They bait and scheme, and use all their wiles to reel him in. He is party to the game, and takes advantage of their seductive efforts. The drama, manipulation, behind-the-scenes back-stabbing, and bait-and-reel is admittedly what makes the show so entertaining. Read the entire article and watch the video here:

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