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Merry Christmas from CBMW!

December 25, 2008

Editor’s note: Dr. Steve Farrar is an author, speaker, and the founder of Men’s Leadership Ministries.He also serves on the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

Steve Farrar has the unique ability to speak to the "everyday man".  The man, who wakes up everyday and attempts to be faithful in the tasks set before him – work, fatherhood, marriage. and maintenance of the house's plumbing fixtures.   When they read God's Word or hear it preached, they try to be steadfast in following it.  This is the audience that Farrar is writing to, and there are not too many books out there like it. 

In talking to a recent conference of women, John Piper said, "Wimpy theology makes wimpy women."  The same is, of course, true of men.  Steve Farrar aims to beef up his reader's theology.  Farrar assumes his readers desire to become a stronger Christian man, and his advice to accomplish that is to learn what God's providence is and how to trust in it.  The titles of each of his chapter begin "He is in Control Over…." losses, events, broken hopes, etc.  To become a stronger, godly man is to know and trust in the sovereign providence of God.  Amen.

Farrar's main teaching tool is the life of Joseph.  He quickly outlines the ups and downs of the chronicles of Joseph.  After a quick outline, Farrar uses each major event in the life of Joseph to display God's providence for the good of Joseph, his people, the people of Egypt, or the glory of God.  What's great about Farrar's style is that he constantly expects to rub some of his readers wrong, yet simultaneously addresses their hearts.  For example, in chapter 3 "Not a Chance", Farrar explains the complete sovereignty of God over all random events, random crimes, and the reality of evil.  The sober topics Farrar covers are not light subject matters, but he covers them with lucidity and with accessibility.  He recognizes that a strong, godly man knows and trusts the sovereign providence of God. Otherwise that man will likely trust his own power and ability, constantly paralyzed by fear and random evil events in life – even the evil in his own heart. 

Farrar's sensible writing style, storytelling, and robust theology make for good reading.  He has wonderful quotes from J. I. Packer, C. S. Lewis, John Calvin, and many great Puritans that warm your heart to the truths he is expressing.  Farrar sticks himself in a wonderful, godly Reformed tradition. 

I would heartily recommend this book for pastors to give away to their lay members.  Farrar's word to the "everyday man" is a welcome remedy to the less biblical view of manhood too often found in our culture.  Farrar's orthodoxy is refreshing and his style should be followed.

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