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Germany’s Seven-Year Glitch

October 4, 2007

If Gabriele Pauli has her way, German civil marriages will amount to seven-year contracts.

If Gabriele Pauli (who is running to become head of the Bavarian conservative Christian Social Union) has her way, German civil marriages will amount to seven-year contracts. Then the so-called seven-year itch (the time period during which some say involves a heightened dissatisfaction in marriage) would be formalized and codified and presumably would decrease the "financial and emotional costs of divorces."  The initial contracts would be seven years and "after that initial period each partner would have to say ‘yes' again in order to prolong the marriage.  If they do, there is no reason why marriage should not end up as a lifelong partnership . . ."

God's design for marriage is vastly different.  It is a picture of Christ and the church (Eph 5) where Christ has a relationship with the church that cannot be broken.  The husband pictures Christ as he loves, nourishes, and cherishes his wife.  The wife pictures the church as she submits to and respects her husband.  Both are equally important in picturing this gospel message.

This is why divorce and planned separations are so devastating.  Not only will there always be emotional pain and fallout, but it portrays a lie about Christ and his church.  Let's be truth-tellers not only with our speech, but also with the structure, content, and commitment to our marriages.

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