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Boys Adrift

September 21, 2007

Leonard Sax asserts that boys in the United States are not doing well at all.

In a recent interview, Leonard Sax asserts that boys in the United States are not doing well at all.

He is concerned that young men today are very often characterized by lack of motivation and underachievement. This is seen in their classroom performance, preoccupation with video games, delayed commitment to higher levels of responsibility (mainly marriage and vocation), and a prolonged dependence upon parents. 

While the interview discusses many possible causes, I suspect that there is a more fundamental reason. Cultural confusion over gender roles has left us with the inability to articulate a clear and compelling vision of manhood. If there are no role differences, then it is difficult to say anything meaningful at all about the responsibilities men should and must embrace.

Sadly, the church has been deeply influenced by this cultural confusion and in many places seems to have lost the content of the biblical vision for manhood, or has lost the courage to proclaim it. CBMW exists because there is much more at stake in the gender debate other than who might be authorized to preach on Sunday mornings. The health of the home and the church are at risk and we can help give biblical admonition in this area.

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