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CBMW releases new booklet on women in ministry

October 5, 2005

A new booklet, Women in Ministry, published by CBMW and written by executive director Randy Stinson seeks to address practical issues of gender roles in the church and in Christian ministry.

Should a church have a woman as its music minister? What about teaching
theology in a seminary–does Scripture sanction women teaching men in this

A new booklet, Women in Ministry, written by Randy Stinson and
published by The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) seeks to
address these and other practical issues of gender roles in the church and in
Christian ministry. Stinson is executive director of CBMW.

“CBMW frequently receives questions from sincere churches and individual
believers who, while holding to a complementarian view of gender roles, are
unsure how to apply these principles in certain cases,” Stinson writes.
“Therefore, given the perceived need, [these] application-oriented suggestions
are offered for . . . consideration.”

The Bible clearly affirms the valuable and necessary role of women serving in
Christian ministry, Stinson writes. However, Christians must faithfully apply
Scripture to each aspect of ministry in determining the areas in which women may

Stinson admits that it may not always be immediately clear how Scripture
applies in a given ministry context, and Women in Ministry seeks to
address biblically some specific areas. The booklet deals with ministerial areas
such as Sunday school teacher, Bible study teacher/leader, children’s ministry
teacher/leader, music minister/church worship leader, parachurch ministries, and
youth minister, among others.

“I am encouraged by the need to produce this pamphlet for two reasons,”
Stinson writes.

“First, that these questions are being asked indicates that many Christians
and churches are seriously engaging God’s word for guidance about how we are to
serve one another in ministry, rather than merely resorting to pragmatic
answers. Second, the need to address these issues demonstrates that many
Christian women are zealous to serve the Lord and his church.”

The booklet is available through CBMW’s webstore here.

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