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Contemporary Collapse of Sexual Morals

June 1, 2000

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Whose Future?

Recently a middle school in Ithaca, NY, cancelled classes and gave the entire day to lectures and discussion groups on homosexuality. A high point in the program featured an eighth grade girl describing her experimentation with lesbianism and declaring how good she felt about her newfound bi-sexuality.

In places farther afield, many school districts now include homosexuality and bi-sexuality as officially recognized and protected life-styles. Though all kinds of life-styles are now "protected," we should note this: it is no longer possible in the public classroom to affirm normative heterosexual morality. School has become a social power tool for a new definition of morals and social "justice."

But is this new tolerance the inevitable product of democracy and civic theory or is something else, much more sinister, at work in once "Christian" America?" Whatever it is, by targeting the kids, the future is assured-but whose future?

"Civil Rights"

The normalization of perversion in the federal education system is merely the rippling of aftershock tremors from a massive social earthquake that already occurred, with little public panic, in the Sixties. Seeking human fulfillment, the intellectual elite rejected authority structures, threw over sexual restraints, and captured the popular culture. Patriarchy was declared the great evil. "I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman," became the defiant battle cry of the "liberated" woman. In just one generation of social engineering, financed by billions of tax dollars, we have produced feminized men, masculinized women, genderless English, and the myth of androgyny, all done in the name of progress and the noble, non-religious, pursuit of "civil rights."

But the cost cannot be measured by MasterCard, for some things are priceless. It is measured in the fifty percent divorce rate, the destruction of the family unity, the elimination of forty million unborn children, and the proliferation of pornography and its ugly cousin, sexually transmitted diseases.

Mainline Churches

Changing these deep aspects of our humanity, as the radicals know, cannot be limited to the public square. In the main-line churches significant numbers now wish honor sexual perversion with Christian ordination, and their vocal theologigians declare feminism and homosexuality to be at the very heart of the Gospel. Even in evangelical circles (although the heart of the Gospel, according to John 3:16, is God the Father, the ultimate Patriarch, who gave his Son for the love of the world), some egalitarian brothers and sisters refuse to use the name "Father" for God, and declare that the only way to reform patriarchy is to end it. Has the Church lost her mind? Will she lose her soul?

In meddling with sexuality we inevitably touch the person of God, for the creation of Man as male and female is mysteriously tied to the image of God. A recent example strikingly proves the point. At the very moment in the Sixties when sexuality was "liberated," radical theologians declared that the true and ultimate form of human liberation was to be found in the "death of God." The God who died was the God of the Bible.

The proof? These same "theologians," at that very moment, announced the rebirth of the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome. These pagan deities returned to the West on a magic carpet of Eastern spirituality, unleashing upon America, the very fortress of Christianity in the modern world, a vast program of pagan religion and sexuality, of which we have only just seen the beginning. Radical feminism made sure this God (the God of biblical theism), not Buddha nor Sophia nor Krishna, would die. With chilling clarity a well-known feminist declared in 1979: "The feminist movement in Western culture is engaged in the slow execution of Jahweh."

Brave New World

A world without the Creator and the distinctions that remind us of Him constitutes the brave new world of religious paganism. In order that this utopia might come upon the earth, all traces of biblical theism must be eliminated. God as distinct from what he made must be swallowed up in the mystical unity of all the religions and the divinity of all things. The endless array of distinctions woven into the very fabric of God's creative work (not the least of which is the male/female distinction), must not be allowed to tell their old, old story.

A leading feminist thinker announced with disarming clarity the essential method to bring about the undoing of the biblical God: "…using the titles Goddess and God the Mother is probably the only way to shatter the hold of [the] idolatrous male God on the psyche."

The sexual/theological agenda is gloriously captured in the tile of a recent book on theology by a Roman Catholic scholar: When God Becomes Goddess: The Transformation of American Religion. In order for the "Christian" God to survive in any sense in the third millennium, the message is clear: He must undergo a sex change, and take up His abode in the pagan pantheon! In other words, lose His theistic, biblical identity. Shocking though this is, an important lesson must be learned: the pagans have understood the deep implications of theology and sexuality. For the Church and the Gospel to survive, so should we.


There is a famine in the land of the knowledge of biblical manhood and womanhood, and behind that, of the knowledge of the loving and redeeming God who created us male and female. The Church must understand that the biblical injunctions concerning heterosexual distinctions are not arbitrary commands or optional extras but have to do with the very nature of God in His works of creation and redemption.

In this time of triumphant paganism, our mandate is thus not only to preserve the sanity of personal sexual identity and the cultural necessity of the traditional family. It is also and primarily to witness through these creational structures to the person of God the Savior and to the Gospel. We cannot shirk this responsibility. The stakes are not only for this life but also for eternity.

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