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The Price of Life

August 14, 2013

by Bryan Baise

1250267_90197818I grew up watching the Price is Right. The sound of the losing horn in the Price is Right is one that I can remember hearing as I would run around my house in the summers with Ninja Turtles action figures in tow. I would guess the “actual retail value” even though I had no idea what I was saying, or the value of money. The winnings from the show varied from “a new car” to really awful (a chandelier, really?).

However, what a game show in Pakistan is giving away pales in comparison to even a million dollar winner.

The Gatestone Institute has a write up about Aamir Liaquat Hussain, the host of a game show that usually gives away the kind of prizes we think of with game shows. However, during Ramadan, he has a different grand prize: a baby.

The babies given away are abandoned, some found on piles of garbage.  The report says:

newborns are often found in the trash, and already gnawed on by dogs. All true. There are 250 million street children in the world, 61% in Asia, 32% in Africa. As early as the age of six, many end up as soldiers, prostitutes, victims of pedophilia, theft and terrorism.

The prize of a child is given to families that cannot conceive. It is drawing ire from humanitarian groups around the world, saying he is using the children as an exploitation for ratings, that he cares little for the children expect for the spike he will receive in viewers. To wit:

he hands the children as if they are objects, prostituting them for the audience, and placing them in the arms of unknown customers.

You can read the rest of the report here.

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