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16.2 – Fall 2011

May 12, 2013

Table of Contents

[list style=”list-img3″]Editorial, pp. 2-4.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Odds & Ends, pp. 5-8.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Timothy Paul Jones, “Confusing a Covenant with a Contract: The Deeper Problem behind Pat Robertson’s Bad Advice,” pp. 9-11.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Kevin DeYoung, “Play the Man,” pp. 12-13.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Jeremy Pierre, “Love the One You’re With,” pp. 14-15.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Nancy Leigh DeMoss, “From Him, through Him, to Him,” pp. 16-24.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Denny Burk, “Christ’s Functional Subordination in Philippians 2:6: A Grammatical Note with Trinitarian Implications,” pp. 25-37.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Todd L. Miles, “A Prejudicial Treatment of the Issues: A Review of Carolyn Custis James, Half the Church,” pp. 38-41.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Bruce A. Ware, “Alleging Heresy Where There Is None: A Review of Thomas H. McCall, Which Trinity? Whose Monotheism?” pp. 42-46.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Timothy Paul Jones, “Well-Intended Goal, Misguided Process: A Review of Bruce Morton, Deceiving Winds,” pp. 47-48.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Phillip Bethancourt, “The (Abstract) Art of Manliness: A Review of Brett and Kate McKay, The Art of Manliness,” pp. 49-50.[/list]
[list style=”list-img3″]Jason C. Meyer, “Another Middle Way that Doesn’t Exist: A Review of Jim and Sarah Sumner, Just How Married Do You Want to Be?“, pp. 51-57.[/list]


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