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May 12, 2016 By Scott Corbin
“If your marriage is going to make God look glorious, you must be more satisfied in God than in marriage.” John Piper, speaking on the glory of God in marriage at the 2016 CBMW T4G Pre-Conference, reminded husbands and wives that if their marriages are to flourish, their marriages must be a subordinate end to...
May 2, 2016 By Scott Corbin
Below you will find the media for the 2016 CBMW T4G Pre-Conference, “The Beauty of Complementarity.” ————— DAY 1: Grant Castleberry, Complementarity and the Honor of God Jason Allen, Complementarity and the Disappearance of Men Thomas White, Complementarity and the Call to Purity   Jackie Hill-Perry, Testimony: My Journey Out of Lesbianism to Complementarianism Gavin Peacock, Complementarity and the Beauty...
April 25, 2016 By Scott Corbin
“Daddy, I’m done!” I was about to bust. I had just sat down, thinking the kids were finally asleep. So, naturally, I paused and – as absurd as it sounds – hoped those words came from the television. The nagging words came again, “Daddy, I’m done!” Sitting deep in my favorite spot on the couch,...
April 22, 2016 By Scott Corbin
What do I know that I have not learned? As a child, I learned to set the table from my mom. As a college student, I learned synchronized swimming skills from a female coach. As a new mother, I learned how to rock-and-pat a fussy baby into contentment from a grandmother in my church. I...
April 11, 2016 By Scott Corbin
Can’t make it to the 2016 CBMW Pre-Confernce? Well we have good news for you. You can watch live by clicking through HERE.
February 29, 2016 By Scott Corbin