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April 24, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Jessica Thompson You finally get everyone to sit down together for a time of family devotions after a long day of car-pooling, making meals, doing laundry, and cleaning up 1,000 messes. You have high hopes for this time to be sweet and possibly even life-changing for your children, but before you even finish the...
April 16, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Chelsea Vaughn My soul longs, yes, faints for the courts of the Lord; my heart and flesh sing for joy to the living God (Psalm 84:2). What does it look like to have a soul that faints for the courts of the Lord? What does it look like to have a longing so deep...
April 9, 2014 By Courtney Reissig
  Our National Conference is now in the books. In God’s kindness, the event sold out with 1,300 in attendance. It was standing room only as men and women heard from complementarian leaders on God’s goodness in our manhood and womanhood from a variety of angles. Thank you to those of you who attended, connected...
March 26, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Christine Hoover Editor’s Note: One of our regular writers, Christine Hoover, shares her insights on women, friendship, and ministry. We hope you are encouraged as much as we were. ********************************************************************** You’re usually going to have to be the initiator. Other women will assume that you’re too busy, that you have tons of friends, and...
March 20, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Rondi Lauterbach No one told me that when I had a baby that not only would I not have time to read my bible, but I wouldn’t have time to eat either. No one told me that. They didn’t tell me how hungry I’d be either. Feeding two takes a lot of calories. Food...
March 17, 2014 By Courtney Reissig
By Courtney Reissig Few things cause more debate and confusion than women and work. Can a woman work? Can a woman be successful in her work? What does that look like? What about moms? The questions are endless. And sometimes the emotions surrounding the questions are endless, too. Thankfully, Carolyn McCulley and Nora Shank have...