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June 16, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Christel Humfrey I’m approaching an anniversary I would rather forget. On June 20, 2013, floodwaters covered my town and my home. I wasn’t home when it happened. I was at the doctor’s office receiving a lupus diagnosis, and needless to say, my world was shaken. My health and my home were things that made...
June 9, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Gloria Furman Before we moved to Dubai four years ago to plant a church the only information I had about arranged marriages was what I saw in movies. As I’ve come to minister alongside and disciple some wonderful, Spirit-filled women in arranged marriages, the gospel has shaped my ministry in this context. Obstacles and...
May 29, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Christina Fox Hearing my boys arguing in their room, I walked in to see what happened. “I can hear you guys all the way in the kitchen. Are you using the skills you learned from our conflict resolution lessons?” “No,” my oldest responded. “I forget what they are.” My heart sighed and I reviewed...
May 27, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Elisha Galotti The other night I sat on my son’s bed telling him a story about a man that I love. The conversation began with Jake, my 5 year old, asking me through held-back tears not to be angry with him for something rude he had said to another kid at his school. Assuring...
May 12, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Lore Ferguson Church, wo[men] are staying single longer and longer, remember to include singles in your ‘biblical [wo]manhood’ narrative. It’s not a mark of deficiency or a blemish to be single—but it can feel like it in the somewhat glaring omissions. Paul said singleness was good. I think singleness is good. Many singles LOVE...
April 28, 2014 By CBMW Guest
By Alicia Rollins [I approach speaking of war imagery with sobriety, knowing that many people live in such a reality every day. As God may turn even the most horrible sins upside down for his good purposes, I pray any association a person may have with war is used for encouragement and perseverance in Christ.]...