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May 30, 2013 By CBMW Guest
  By Erin Straza One look at the world tells us something is desperately wrong. Disappointment. Violence. Betrayal. Depression. Sickness. Cruelty. Poverty. Hunger. Crime. Injustice. War. Racism. Mental Illness. Death. Divorce. Loss. Accidents. Gossip. Slander. Weariness. We see what’s happening around the world and around the block, and we scarce can take it in. Just...
May 13, 2013 By CBMW Guest
By Lindsey Carlson “Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve.” 1 Timothy 2:11-12 This isn’t exactly one of those verses I’ve seen girls sport on coffee...
May 8, 2013 By Owen Strachan
By Owen Strachan Recently a brand-new conversation began among complementarians. Wendy Alsup wrote a post called “A New Wave of Complementarianism” that met with an enthusiastic online response. Many took note, and key leaders weighed in, including Kevin DeYoung and Thabiti Anyabwile. Any discussion on complementarianism is inherently interesting and important to me, and so...
May 3, 2013 By CBMW Guest
By Luma Simms In his book, Knowing Scripture, R.C. Sproul writes: “Countless times I have heard Christians say, “Why do I need to study doctrine or theology when all I need to know is Jesus?” My immediate reply is this: “Who is Jesus?” As soon as we begin to answer that question, we are involved...
April 25, 2013 By CBMW Guest
By Christine Hoover As a pastor’s wife, I think to myself much too often, “I’m not doing enough.” The needs and opportunities in our church are many and varied, so much so that I can get overwhelmed and confused with how best to give my time and energy outside the home. But it’s not just...
January 17, 2013 By Jeff Robinson
By Mary Wilson I recently polled a group of women actively engaged in teaching the Scriptures within their local churches, mostly as volunteers, to ask them about the significant challenges they face in this role. Five of them are listed below. Can you relate to any of these? I don’t feel worthy We have this...