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September 6, 2016 By Courtney Reissig
By Brittany Lind Over two and a half years have passed since my husband and I received a phone call one chilly March morning informing us of a six pound baby boy that had been born. He was two and a half weeks old and ready to be discharged from the hospital. A home was needed...
July 29, 2015 By Courtney Reissig
One of the things I’ve admired and noticed about my husband in recent years is the way he seamlessly transfers his training and giftings from one role to the next.  Although he went to school for engineering, he no longer technically works in the engineering field.  Instead, he has transferred much of his knowledge about...
July 6, 2015 By Courtney Reissig
In a world where same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states, how should women continue to stand firm on marriage? We stand firm, as women, by loving and serving our God-given husband, endlessly loving our children in a biblical way, and by helping to rebuild a marriage culture–alongside our husbands–that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ and…
June 19, 2015 By Courtney Reissig
It’s a common refrain, isn’t it? We see a young couple enjoying the newlywed life and through laughter encourage them to get their life in order before they have kids, because we all know kids change everything. Or we meet a soon-to-be college graduate, with a promising career ahead of her, and lightly chasten her...
May 13, 2015 By Courtney Reissig
By Courtney Reissig Wednesday, May 13, 2015
April 13, 2015 By Courtney Reissig
  By Courtney Reissig Monday, April 13, 2015