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What Every Pastor Needs to Know about the Evangelical Gender Debate

October 3, 2007

Dr. Randy Stinson speaks at the Straight Up Ministry Leadership Conference

Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel hosted the Straight Up Ministry Leadership Conference this week in a suburb on the western side of Chicago.  At the conference Dr. Randy Stinson, president of CBMW, addressed a group of pastors, elders and men's and women's ministry leaders on the subject, "What Every Pastor Needs to Know about the Evangelical Gender Battle."

Stinson said, "What is at stake in the Gender Battle is much more than who can preach on a Sunday morning.  This issue has spread its tentacles throughout many aspects of the Church."  He went on to describe how errors in our biblical understanding of gender threaten the health of the home and the local church.  Even how we address God in worship and our ability to accurately represent the Gospel are affected by our understanding of biblical manhood and womanhood.

He encouraged pastors to:

1. Pray for courage to take a biblical stand even when it is unpopular or costly,

2. Preach regularly on this subject, and frequently use illustrations that demonstrate biblical manhood and womanhood in action,

3. Ensure that they are personally equipped to speak to this issue through the many resources available at the CBMW website,

4. Accurately teach gender roles through all ministries of the church, and especially in marital and premarital counseling, and

5. Host an area conference to gather complementarian pastors for equipping and mutual encouragement.

The team at CBMW stands ready to help pastors throughout the country put these recommendations into practice.  We hope to hear from you or see you at a conference in the near future.

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