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News: CBMW president and council members sign Supreme Court brief

April 29, 2015



By Matt Damico

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Owen Strachan, president of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, has signed an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court calling for the protection of religious liberty and free speech.

The Liberty Institute submitted the Free Speech Marriage Brief on April 2 in the case Obergefell v. Hodges, which, according to the Liberty Institute’s website, “could determine the future of marriage laws in the United States.”

“I signed this brief because my work, the work that CBMW is invested in, has profound bearing on the public square,” Strachan said. “Christians have a major stake in marriage. It is the ground of the family and the foundation for flourishing.”

Two other CBMW council members signed the brief as well: Danny Akin, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and member of the CBMW board of directors, and R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The brief urges the Supreme Court to “reaffirm that the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment protects religious dissenters who disagree with state-recognized same-sex marriage and to reaffirm the importance of free debate and free inquiry in this democratic Republic.”

More specifically, according to the Liberty Institute, the brief requests that the Court affirm the Sixth Circuit decision upholding marriage laws in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee.

“Evangelicals believe in the rightness of marriage not simply because of natural design,” Strachan said, “but primarily because the Bible is a book about marriage – it begins with the union of a man and a woman, and ends with the people of God, the bride of Christ, entering the new heavens and new earth in consummation of the promise of redemption.”

In addition to Strachan, Akin, and Mohler, other signatories of the brief include Eric Metaxas, Francis J. Beckwith, Charles Stanley, and others. 

The brief can be read in full here.


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