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Topic: Marriage

When Self Takes Over We Get Abortion Contracts, WedLeases, and Throuples

August 23, 2013

By Trillia Newbell

Over at Desiring God, Owen Strachan writes on a series of new trends and stories involving marriage and relationships. They are abortion contracts, wedleases and throuples. Abortion contracts allow a couple to enter into a legal agreement that if the woman should get pregnant during the relationship she must abort the child. Wedleases allows for a marriage to be reevaluated after a period. If the marriage continues to be suitable for both parties the lease continues, otherwise they are free to dissolve it. Finally there’s the throuples. These are polyamorous marriages allowing dating within a marriage.

I found these three thoughts by Strachan to be quite insightful:

“From what one can see online, Redick’s main care seems to be himself. Neither Lopez nor the life created, ostensibly, by his “relationship” with her is his ultimate concern.”

In regards to the wedlease he writes: “The abortion contract isn’t the only means devised today to facilitate a fluid exit from marriage and its trappings.”

“They may celebrate their sin. They may seem liberated. They might look happy, and think they are. But they are not. They are imprisoned by their lusts, and desperately lost, just as all of us are before Jesus snatches us from the pit.”

There is a self-fulfilling, self-focused, selfishness that seems to be driving these couples. Each instance centers on the ability to escape—whether it’s by escaping the responsibility of marriage and children or escaping marriage altogether.  There also appears to be a desire for sex and love without the commitment of a covenant marriage. It’s the idolatry of self. We are our own little god and our own desires are all that matters most. Like Owen points out, without the mercy and grace of God we would all fall into these traps. May God grant us all wisdom and give us the courage to share the gospel which is the only means in which to set captives free.

Read his entire piece:  Can You Define the Relationship?

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